Velvet Drive Tips

Installation Tips for New & Rebuilt 
Velvet Drive Marine Transmissions

   A. Specific information for Models 71C, 72C, 1004, 1005, 1013, 1014, 1017 and 1018 to go with 
       information supplied on the Basic Installation Tips page.  With all the above models there is either
       a prefix or sufix that indicates the gear ratio.

       1. Due to the internal construction all of the above models will be damaged if operated in reverse
           to obtain forward boat motion
.  Insure that when shift levers on all helm stations are in forward that
           the shift lever on the transmission is toward the engine, this includes 1004 & 1005 v-drive units.
           Operation in reverse to obtain forward boat motion voids the warranty on new and rebuilt units.

       2. The pumps on all the above models must be set to match the rotation of the engine
. These 
           transmissions will not operate with a miss-set pump
The arrow on the top of the pump (see picture
           below) must point in the same direction as the engine crankshaft, as seen from the front of the
           engine, is turning. 

         3. If mis-set the pump may be reset in the field prior to installation.  Call us for directions.

   Much mis-information exists about Velvet Drive and Borg-Warner marine transmissions in relation to
   rotation, including operation in reverse, use with LH and RH engines, etc..  Item A.1. above deals with 
   the reverse operation question.  And, it is true that the all above transmissions will operate with either
   LH or RH engines as long as the pump is correctly set.  The next question is what is LH and what is
rotation.  Engine and transmission people generally look at different ends of the engine.  Since the
   transmission guy must set the pump to match the engine he looks at the front of the engine to see
   which way the input shaft of the transmission will be turning.  So an engine that is turning clockwise
   from the front would be turning counter-clockwise from the rear.  To simplify things we call that LH
   (Left Hand) rotation.  It is also called automobile rotation or normal rotation.  RH (Right Hand) engines
   turn counter-clockwise from the front and clockwise from the rear.  That is also called marine rotation,
   and counter rotation.

   The picture below shows a Velvet Drive pump set for use with a RH engine as the arrow at the top of
    the pump is pointing left which would match an engine rotating counter-clockwise from front.  Changing
    the pump indexing is done by removing the 4 bolts holding the pump to the transmission face plate,
    rotating the pump 180 degrees and replacing the bolts.  It is not necessary to remove the pump only to
    spin it around.  There are only two pump placements there all 4 bolt holes will line up.

   B. Models 1026, 2001, 2002 and 3001 specific information to go with that listed on the Basic Installation
       page.  With all the above models there is a suffix that indicates the gear ratio.

      The above models are designed to operate only with Left Hand engines.  They will not operate with a
      Right Hand engine and the pumps cannot be changed.

      1. Models 2001, 2002 and 3001:
          Shift lever positions are referred to as "A" and "B".  "A" position is away from the engine and "B" position
          is toward the engine.  "A" position delivers output rotation in the same direction as the input (engine)
          rotation.  "B" position delivers output rotation in the opposite direction from the input (engine) rotation.

      2. Model 1026:
          The shift lever is mounted on a vertical shifting shaft and may be preset to any position.  The "A" 
          position (output rotation equal input rotation) is archived by turning the vertical shaft counter-

   C.  All models:

         Dexron III ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) is recommended for all Velvet Drive and Borg-Warner
         Marine Transmissions.  30W-ND motor oil may be used in applications where the maximum engine
         speed is less than 2300 RPM.  At higher RPM's motor oil will foam reducing clutch pressure.  Also,
         motor oil does not transfer heat as well as ATF and is not recommended for use in warmer waters.

         Never use any addatives with the fluid or oil.

         Do not use synthetic ATF as it is too slick and may cause clutch slippage.

         Call or e-mail us if you have questions about installing your Velvet Drive Marine Transmission.