This section contains Tip Sheets to provide general information and guidance concerning various
marine transmissions and accessories.   It is not intended to be all inclusive or the final word on all
things related to marine transmissions.  Ever effort has been made to insure all tips herein are good
and workable.  However, Rice Marine Transmissions LLC is not responsible for errors contained, if there are any,
or any damage done by people following these tips. 

 BASIC INSTALLATION TIPS are just that, a list of things that should be checked before installing
or reinstalling a marine transmission.  Make and model specific tips are given under the appropiate
make and/or model tips page

OPERATION TIPS are intended to provide boat operators with a summery of both the items 
included in most factory supplied Owners Manuals and common sense items learned by the
writer during years of boat operation and marine transmission rebuilding.  If you have an Owners
Manual instructions in it should always take priority over these tips where different.

If you have comments or suggestions on how we can improve these Tips please e-mail us


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